• Public Education
    Public education is the heart and soul of our Commonwealth. Making sure we have a well-funded, well-supplied and well-paid educational workforce is a top priority for me. As a product of public educations, I have reaped the benefits of that experience my entire life. All three of my children have gone through the Barren County School System here in Glasgow, where they have received an excellent education, as well as many wonderful extracurricular experiences. My youngest still attends Barren County High School. My oldest attended The University of Louisville and my middle child attended Eastern Kentucky University. I strongly support our public colleges and universities and believe we need to strengthen those institutions as well.
  • Teachers
    Our public school teachers are the jewels of our public educational system. These men and women are charged with one of the most valuable assets of our commonwealth – our children. They are currently struggling with stagnant wages and not enough supplies. Teachers are having to spend money out of their own pockets to buy basic supplies for their students, and that is simply not acceptable. On top of this, their pension is under attack by Republicans in the House and Senate. In fact, the Senate Republicans are attempting to hold 1.5 billion dollars in pension funding hostage as I write this. At a time when the commonwealth (and the entire nation) is undergoing a historic pandemic and educators and their supporters can’t travel to Frankfort to make their voices heard. Now is not the time for pushing agendas that harm our teachers. We also need to provide better for all of the classified staff that supports the educational mission.
  • Charter Schools
    It is hard enough to adequately fund public education without the Republicans in the legislature trying to push through charter schools. We don’t need private, for-profit schools run by for-profit agencies to drain resources from our education system. I adamantly oppose charter schools in Kentucky in any shape or form. If citizens want to open a private school and pay for its needs by the tuition they charge, like many parochial schools currently do – that’s fine. But I will fight against any money going from public tax funds going to any charter school.

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